I’m Keeping It

Yes, you heard me right. I am keeping the baby. I have consulted my inner conscience and finally decided to keep him / her. I still think that he/she is a blessing from the MAN above, so I have to accept it and not kill it. Besides, what good will it make if I decided to abort the baby? Not only will I kill my own baby, but also endanger myself. I should think about my baby Julie as well. If something bad would happen to me, and I got terminally ill, what will happen to Julie? I don’t want her to think that I got ill because of abortion. It was indeed a selfish decision but now I’m taking it all back.

So I guess that’s all about it. Just wish me luck guys! Although I still don’t have the strength to tell my parents about this. But I will eventually. This means that I badly need to save up for the future! More labor and hard work needed! YIKES!

PS. Does anyone know which bank is better in terms of the time-deposit thing? (Philippines only) Like the interest rates and the minimum balance required, etc.? Thanks!

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  1. blessing talaga yan sis.. ganun din ako b4, nung nalaman kong buntit ako, parang omg.. ano gagawin ko? hindi pa ako ready.. but ganun talaga.. dapat tanggapin na lng kasi blessing from God yan.. dba? good luck sis! ^__^

  2. hello, hopping here, just checking, bye…I’m proud of you, take good care of yourself…your baby is a gift from God..

  3. Hi Mars!

    This a decision you won’t regret. Just keep on praying for assistance, and God will give you opportunities that will help you provide a good future for your kids.

    You’ll get through! Just believe.
    Take care and God bless! 🙂

  4. Hello this is Kuya Noel. Just wanted to say that it is wise to keep the baby.

    God knows what is best for us. You may think that you are not ready for another baby but God thinks so. And besides you are not alone in this matter – you have your husband. Don’t take all the burdens. Me and my wife are actually planning to have a baby 2 years after our marriage but God has a different plan for us.

    You don’t need strength to tell your parents. First thing you do is accept the fact that you are pregnant – happily and whole heartedly. After that, drop the whole issue on your parents “Mom, Dad I am pregnant. I love this baby and I am keeping him/her” then smile. Believe me they’ll be more sorry if they saw you unhappy about it. Make them believe you are ready because if they see you unhappy about it, they’ll feel you are sorry and not yet ready.

    I am glad our baby came before me and my wife planned. God bless and take care.

  5. aww…that’s the greatest thing you’ll do in your life.:)

    its really a blessing sweetie…

    more blessings to come..
    good day

  6. you did the right thing. a baby is always and will always be a blessing even when you think life ahead is hard, it always is.

    be strong and just hold on to HIM!

    good luck!

  7. That’s the wisest decision you’d ever make- to keep the baby no matter what. As what has always been said, it’s a blessing. It’s from God. Whatever happens, God will help you through. He won’t let you be in a situation where you can’t handle it. Just keep the faith. Take care always! 🙂

  8. I tagged you Maricel. You might want to take it. Anyway, that’s a brave decision. since it’s already there, then it’s meant to be. God will provide.

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