I’ll Be Missing You

This may sound cheesy, but I’m really sad to know that one of my previous team mates is resigning from work… He told me yesterday that he’s about to hand over his resignation letter and he even posted in YM while we were chatting what he’ll be writing in his resignation letter, and what saddens me is that he’ll be resigning on the 24th, one day before Christmas. The main reason (maybe) why I am really sad when I found out that he’s about to resign is that he’s one of the fewest person that I can connect with, someone I can talk to, someone that I usually joke around with, someone who I always ask about technical terms, a “walking Dell’s wikipedia”, a person who I go to for anime songs, games, and almost everything that I love. Although I know that he doesn’t feel the same way about me (naks, drama), I will surely miss him when he officially resigns.

Do I sound like I like him? Guess I do… As a friend. Seriously…

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  1. Hey thanks Mars! You can’t network battle on Dissidia with me, I’m afraid. I have most main characters at level 70+ so you’ll definitely lose. desu

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