I Signed Up For PPP!

To be honest, I have been blogging for approximately 4 years now, but I didn’t take them too seriously and just left them all behind, so in short, I own more than 5 personal blogs. But something changed my view on blogging – that not only I can write about my experiences and share them around the world wide web, but also earn from it as well! I saw a blog once that had a PPP badge and a post about her making money through blogging! So I checked out the site and saw that PPP is offering money just to blog about advertiser’s products. I wasn’t convinced at first, but when I signed up with PayPerPost, I believe that I can really make money out of blogging.

In PayPerPost, they allow advertisers to ask for blog ads as well, which is called the “marketplace”. In here, posties, like me, look for opportunities that are suited for their blog, and the advertisers, in return, have a place in people’s blog about their product.

Anyways, let’s talk about how much a blogger can make by signing up for PPP… Let’s just say that I know someone who already earned more than $1000 just by blogging! Isn’t that cool? I am also hoping that I could reach that amount in no time! 😛

Regarding their requirements, they already lowered them to a more “reachable” one. Instead of the previous “you should own a blog which is at least 90-day old”, they made it 30-day old blog. I think they saw a lot of potential “young” blogs that’s why they made that change, which in turn made my blog finally qualified for their minimum requirements!

I guess that’s about it! You earn while you do what you love most – BLOGGING! Here in PayPerPost.

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  1. good information about pay per post..so they lowered it for just 30 days..that makes my site qualified..but i read an article that google gives low page rank to those who uses pay per post..i think i’ll just have to create a new blog dedicated to pay per post cause I use adsense in my site.


  2. yeah, i did heard about how PPP affects a blog’s google PR… I wonder why google “hates” them…

  3. I’m not an expert 😛 but yes, I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now, but I never got a “steady” blog until now. :p It’s good to at least have a “steady” one for a change! 😉 (parang boyfriend eh noh?)

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