I Resigned!!!

Just a while ago, I passed my resignation to our Sales Administrator. My resignation will be effective May 31, 2008… Which means that I will be staying for no longer than a week in Cityplace.

So what will happen now? Well, I have to update you guys first…

I had an interview last 2 weeks at Telus International Philippines. It was a one day processing interview, which means that you will know if you pass or fail the interview at the same day you applied for the job. AND I DO MEAN ONE DAY PROCESSING! IT TOOK ME UNTIL AROUND 11:30PM to finish the whole process! At least, I got a job offer as a Call Center Representative with a DELL Chat Account! Which means, I get to talk to clients who are inquiring for DELL products like PC’s and laptops through Instant Messaging or IM! How convenient will that be on my part! I love chatting, and I love computers! This could be my dream job!

So I will be starting my paid training on June 2. So wish me luck guys! I need to get my requirements first though… before I proceed onto anything! 😀 Tomorrow I’ll be getting my NBI clearance. A bit tiring, but well worth it!

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