I Miss You All!

It’s been almost two weeks since my last blog post, why? Here are the latest happenings:

Last week’s day off, March 21 and 22, our team went to Baguio, that was for 2 days and 2 nights. As mentioned in my previous post – Upcoming Team Building, I brought my hubby and baby Julie along. It was almost an 8 hour travel,so most of the time, my baby was enjoying the view, and there was this one time when she fell asleep staring at the wide greenery that we were passing by, I actually didn’t realize that she was already sleeping, hadn’t my hubby told me. Anyways, when we arrived Baguio, we all went to sleep in a transient house that our team captain had reserved, by the way, here is a picture of the house, it’s actually really cozy and neat, we were at room 2 right bed:

(Picture from http://baguiocity.olx.com.ph/nice-baguio-transient-house-iid-15983554)

The next day, we went to different sites like Mine’s View (bought Strawberry Wine, Pineapple Jam, and some Strawberry Jam), Burnham Park, and SM Baguio, me and my hubby was even up for “slide and rappel” adventure, at first I thought it was just rappel which I was excited about, but when I saw the “slide” part, I nearly cried my eyes out, I was not prepared for the slide!!!! I wanted to quit but I guess I still wanted the adventure. I did cry and my body trembled in fear while I was hung feets above the ground and while sliding to the rappel station… When I arrived *safely* on to the rappel part, I was at ease and full of confidence that I could do it, and true enough, I did. But! The awful thing about this and the whole trip was that my cellphone failed me yet again! I felt so frustrated the whole trip since I was not able to take a single picture of this one of the most memorable events in my life… I was so tempted to buy a disposable camera just to be able to take pictures of my baby Julie Rayne in Baguio. Oh well, I guess there will always be 2nd time. That night, I was assigned to cook dinner using the ingredients that were bought during our “Amazing Race”, yes, our team captain arranged a little game for us, we were paired up and were tasked to buy some ingredients, and then after the pair got all the items, they were to take a picture of a stranger in Burnham Park holding the items. Cool right? Price at stake was Php 1,000 gift certificate for Havaianas EACH! Well, the result? Me and my partner were LAST! LOL! Why? We got lost. Hehe… Anyways, it was fun.

The following day, we went to Strawberry Farm, and I bought a lot of stawberries (ooh I love strawberries!!!) and additional strawberry jam as well. Hmm… then , I guess that’s about it.  We went straight back to Manila, and then off to work. Whew! We were all sleepy and groggy, but we all had fun.

So now, I’m blogging since it’s my day off, but I’m having a split off so I’m about to go to work later… OOOOHH!!!! I hate split-off! I’m wishing that I’ll get 2 straight off next week, so that I’ll have time to do some sponsored posts as well. :wink:

By the way, thanks to all who left me messages in my previous posts, I miss you all! I’ll update as often as I can.

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  1. hiya,
    welcome back! photos were very nice!
    was wondering bout your EC dropper, everytime i drop EC it says no such useR?

    more power

  2. Hello Yen, and Mel. Thanks for the visit, yeah, my EC dropper has a problem right now… I’m fixing this issue with Entrecard as I type in this reply. Wish me luck! 🙂

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