I admit, working can be stressful. It can sometimes take away your social life, your family life, or basically, your life. But yes, I do miss working. I miss meeting people, I miss staying in an office and chatting with co-workers, I miss my office supplies getting lost, I miss retrieving them, and most of all, I miss work.

I am not being particular on which work I’m missing right now, but I just miss the feel of a working mom, who gets paid on a 15-day basis. I want to work but some thing’s stopping me. Maybe it’s my blog. Maybe I want to be a full time stay-at-home mommy, taking care of my baby and gets to sleep whenever I want. I don’t know, but as of now, my heart keeps telling me to be a SAHM, but my head keeps telling me to be a working mom. Which do I choose? The heart, or the brain?

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