I Miss My Blog So Much!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I miss my bloggie so much! I haven’t blog for almost 3 days! Why? Well one thing is for sure… I was too tired to even sit in front of my laptop after doing shopping with my cousin. I was very happy to go to Trinoma with her and Achi Via yesterday, but I was merely tagging along. I didn’t buy anything nor even try on any clothes. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I’m shy and I don’t want to steal any thunder on my cousin. The shopping is mainly for her so I just stayed behind them and literally tagged along.

Anyways, it was my first time at Trinoma. It’s a mall with shops that people like me will never afford. I cannot imagine myself buying a Php1,000 plain t-shirt… Never in my whole life will I buy something that I can buy for Php100 in Divisoria. I am not cheap, I’m just wise at spending my money, especially for clothes. I might spend a lot on techie stuffs like PC hardwares and softwares, gaming consoles, or cellphones, but NOT RIGHT NOW. I’d rather buy important things first, like my family’s needs, primarily my baby’s needs (milk, baby food, diapers, etc…)

Becoming a mother changes my spending perspective. When I was still single, I would spend my allowance on food tripping and upgrades for my PC, but now, hanggang tingin nalang (it stops at window shopping). Maybe next time when I became rich and powerful, just like the President… Nah kidding! But hopefully, in the near future, I’ll be able to afford my wants. I believe you do know the difference between needs and wants right? So there…

Conclusion… I’ll stick to buying my needs like clothings and fashion stuff in Divisoria or 168 and NEVER buy them in a freakishly overpriced stalls in mall! What a waste of precious money…

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