I love Making Money

As a stay-at-home mom, I couldn’t go out and do business transaction with people, engaging in a traditional business. So I make money using the internet. I don’t intend to become rich through these sites, but they definitely help me and my family financially.

Here are the lists of the types of money-making scheme that I’m into:

Get Paid To Read Ads – Members are paid when they read advertisers’ ads that are posted for the members to click and read. I joined a lot of them but these are the 3 best ones for me. F-R-E-E to join!

  • DailyClicks – $0.01 per ad / 20 – 40 ads per day / $0.001 per referral’s ad / payout date is every 1st and 15th day of the month / $10 minimum payout
  • Cash2All – $0.01 per ad / 10 – 15 ads per day / $0.01 per referral’s ad / daily payout/ $3 minimum payout
  • Bux.To – $0.01 per ad / 10 – 15 ads per day / $0.01 per referral’s ad / daily payout / $10 minimum payout

Get Paid To Socialize – These sites are pretty much the same as Friendster and MySpace but the only difference here is members GET PAID by being active in these sites, like start a discussion, participating in discussions, post in blogs, reply in other people’s blogs, anything! Even posting pictures!

  • Yuwie
  • MyLot

Get Paid To Blog – Yep! You guessed it! An approved blog will be able to generate income by posting blogs about the advertiser. Sounds cool eh?

  • Blogvertise
  • PayPerPost

Get Paid To Do offers, Signup, etc. – Members earn from more than just clicking ads, but signing up and completing offers.

  • Treasure Trooper

So there, here are the list of my income generating sites. Hope you guys sign up too and start making money just like me.

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