I Have Been Waiting For This

For the past almost 1 year, my hands have been craving for something that is very addicting, something that will make me care less about the world around me, something that will make me “part of the gang”, something that a gamer must have…

I promised myself long before that I get hold of this “something” before the end of December, and true enough, last December 20, I finally got what I wanted… What I have been craving for, what I have longed for — a PSP.

You may ask, why before the end of December? Yes, it could have been earlier, but my hubby and I were making sure that we would have enough funds to ensure our living, and since hubby was able to get his back pay from his previous job, and I was able to get my 13th month pay, lady luck was on our side. So I called my best friend EJ immediately, as he promised me that he’ll STOP whatever he is doing just to accompany me when I’m about to buy my very own PSP, and few minutes later, we were off to his friend’s store.

I got my PSP, okay, OUR PSP, for 12K which includes an 8GB of memory stick which is actually more than what I expect (I was expecting a 4GB one), so I think this was a pretty great deal… Anyways, after we finally bought this small yet powerful gaming gadget, we went off to EJ’s house and copied several games and of course, one of them was the game that had me buy my own PSP — Dissidia. Yes I blame Square Enix for creating this game and making me lose 12K. Kidding aside, I’m glad I finally got myself thing thing-a-ma-jig, I can even browse the internet from my PSP. I wonder if I can create a post through the PSP, maybe I’ll try that later…

By the way, here’s a picture of my PSP I made using Smilebox:

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