I Finally Got A Maid!

Well more of a babysitter actually. All she will do is take care of my almost 8-months baby Julie, and lightly help around the house, eg. help wash our clothes, or maybe clean our room, etc. She’ll be staying-in our house, so that means there will be an increase on consumptions (food, electricity, water, etc.) But I guess that’s how it goes. There are sacrifices in life and I believe this is one of it. I’ll be sacrificing my supposedly time for my baby for a job which gives a good pay and flexible time. I always remind myself that I’m doing this for my family. We need more money thus we need to sacrifice some to attain our goal.

Anyways, a lot has happened this day just because of the “maid – hunting”, like some weird recruiter who has a big Peso signs as her eyes P_P (mukhang pera!). Tell you later! Need to do something first! Stay tuned!

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