I Am Accepting Advertisers ^_^

I did a little of sponsored posts to earn a few dollars for my family, and I still do but not so often anymore due to my working hours. That’s why I thought of accepting advertisers here in Momhood Moments to generate a little income on my side, and an exposure on the advertiser’s side on my blog.

So where are they located? One of which is the very obvious spot on the upper right part of my blog with a heading “ADVERTISEMENTS”.

I accept blogs, products, services, etc. Just as long as it is not an adult site, gambling site, or anything that is not “children-friendly”. I will be the one who will assess the site and approve it.

1. Contact me first. How? There are several ways, just choose one:
>>> Email me @ wmaricelt[at]yahoo[dot]com
>>> Leave a comment in this post.
Personally, it would be better if you leave a comment in this post so that you are assured that I can read it.

2. Tell me your URL and the text link (for text ad) you want.

3. Here are the payment options, I accept PayPal, UnionBank, and Chinabank. For PayPal payments, I’ll tell you my PayPal address through your email (for privacy reasons).
For 100 x 100 Image Ad (choose any options)
– $0.02 a day (additional $1 if you want me to make your image)
– $1.50 a month (additional $1 if you want me to make your image)
– $12 a year (I can make your image for free if you want, plus you can change your image anytime you want)

So there! 🙂 Affordable right? This is just to help my family eat some decent food. LOL 😛

To sum it up, this is how your application will look like:

Blog URL: http://yoururl.com
Payment Option: $1 a month
Will pay using: PayPal
My Email: user[at]domain[dot]com (put your email address here)

Thank you very much guys and gals! Hope you could help my family as I help give exposure of your link! ^_^

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  1. Hello Cel. How’s Wednesday so far?

    How can I advertise here? Would love to the image one month. Please let me know.


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