Hubby’s First Day

Finally! The moment has arrived. For those who have read in my previous post that my husband’s first day as a trainee will be on March 8, pardon me. I must’ve been too excited to remember the right date. It was supposed to be March 3, TODAY! Yay!

It didn’t start quite well, the fact that we both slept late due to this reason. We were both sleepy and were having headaches when we started the day. We slept at around 4am and woke up at around 7am. That’s barely even a sleep! I woke up 30 minutes earlier than him to wake him up. Although it’s really hard to wake him up because he sleeps like a log. Anyways, I wasn’t able to prepare his packed lunch, but at least I was able to prepare some breakfast for him. With his daily dose of coffee to keep him going, he was able to drag himself to the bathroom and started to get ready for his first day as a trainee.

On my part, the adjustment was terrible. Actually, I thought I was all set. I have been internalizing and conditioning my brain and my body for the big day. But due to the unexpected event, it all crumbled down. It was one of the most horrible day. Here’s the scenario, I only had 3 hours of sleep. I woke up and saw my baby wide awake. I had to juggle the attention between her and the breakfast preparing. I took a glass of coffee, which by the way, was a wrong move, because coffee makes my pores open up, and makes me feel tired and sleepy. I know it’s weird but apparently I’m not alone (I researched on it through Google and saw a lot of results). So basically, I was a walking zombie a while ago. What’s worse was I have to take baby Julie to her “late” monthly check-up.

It was a relief when baby Julie and I finally came back home from the check-up. I got to rest for few minutes (yes, minutes), and took care of the baby. I was trying to use the laptop but since I was alone with the baby, it was really hard focusing on my blog and the articles that I’m helping a friend finish. So basically, I put off the laptop usage and turned my full attention on her.

Around 7:00pm, my husband finally came home! We talked about how his first day was, and it seems that he’s quite happy about it. I’m glad that he is. He told me that they were divided into 3 groups and that each group are tasked to make their own logo. It was nice to hear that they won the logo designing contest!

So anyways, after all the boo-boo’s that happened this day, I’m still sleepy and I’m about to fall off my chair. I cannot sleep yet because this is my only time that I can use my laptop without any disturbance, since everyone is asleep (2:00AM here). All that’s keeping me up is a bottle of cold water. Later will be another restless day. I do hope that I could make it better this time. I think I just have to get used to it.

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