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Yesterday, while I was channel hopping out of boredom, I stumbled upon this movie called “Screwed”. It was about a guy who works as a butler to an old rich lady who owns a bread factory. He succeeded the job from his father who was the former butler, and to top it all, he’s also using the same uniform that his father used to wear. It was a hilarious movie that had a very interesting twist at the end. It started when the guy was asking the old lady for a new uniform because his dad’s uniform already has holes in it. Unfortunately the old lady refused to buy him a new uniform. Then Christmas came, the guy was surprised when the old lady gave him a present which he thought was a new uniform. But the time he opens the present, it was not what he’s expecting. All hell broke loose and he started to shout at the old lady and then left the house. And that’s when all the crazy stuffs start’s to happen.

If only the old lady was kind enough to at least buy the butler an insurance even like one of those cheap term life insurance it would have been a much better Christmas gift hehehe.

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