How To Prevent Household Ants

Everyone loves the arrival of warmer temperatures, but one unwelcome change is the ant invasion that comes with it. At some point, you’ll inevitably be host to these unwelcome critters. If seeing ants in your home is a yearly occurrence, here are several ways to prevent them from returning.

Never Leave Food Around

Ants and other pests will only set up shop where there’s a food source. To make your kitchen less tempting, never leave out food, crumbs or dirty dishes. Wash plates when you’ve finished eating, and always keep your drain clean. Garbage cans must always be covered tightly and wiped clean, too.

Put Out Ant Traps

Many people find it helpful to put traps out at the first sign of ants. However, if you’re finding more ants than usual, a better solution is to call Staten Island pest control. Professional exterminators are extremely adept at determining the size of an infestation and eliminating it for good.

Seal Openings in Your Home

Before you see the year’s first household ant, check around your home for gaps and openings. Ants can get in through holes in the foundation and spaces around windows and doors. If you can’t locate any entry points, a skilled exterminator will determine where ants are getting in and seal those areas with caulk.

Remove Old Stumps

Sometimes ants make their way into your house because they’re attracted to your yard. If you have old stumps outside the house, you’re at risk of ants, termites and bees getting inside your home. Have any and all stumps removed, and if you burn wood, relocate the wood pile far from the house.

Warm weather should never be ruined by intrusive ants. To prevent them in your home, pick up all traces of food, seal openings and call a professional for a permanent solution.

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