How to Handle Frozen Pipes

In the middle of a cold winter, your house’s pipes can be susceptible to freezing. This is not only an inconvenience because water is not coming out of your faucets, but it can also be dangerous to your pipe system. If frozen for a long period of time or if your pipes are improperly thawed, the pipes could break, causing flooding and damage to your home.

The best want to handle the problem of frozen pipes is to call in a frozen pipe Toronto expert to take care of the problem. In the mean time, you can use methods to start the thawing process. The key is to thaw your pipes slowly to avoid damage. You can use a variety of tool for thawing, such as exposing the area where the pipes are house to the heat of your home or rubbing the pipe directly with warm rags. If a frozen pipe does break, you should immediately use the shutoff valve to stem the water.

As soon as you notice a problem with frozen pipes, it is important to seek the assistance of an emergency plumber Toronto expert that can help you with your problem. If an expert can get there quickly, the repairs can be made with minimal damage to your home.

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