How to Decide on a Car for Both Leisure and Professional Use

For most people, driving is something fun and relaxing to do between bouts to work and adventures to places you want to be. For others, driving is a nuisance—one made all the worse by horrifying stories of bad drivers, anxiety-fueled trips, and awful car accidents. Double yikes, for sure. However, unless you’ve got an arrangement where you can avoid it, driving is (sometimes) a necessity. So, you might as well be comfortable and happy with what you’re driving in. Here are a couple tips to deciding on the perfect car for both leisure and professional use.

What are Your Driving Necessities and Feature Requirements?

What do you need in a car? Where are you going and what kind of features would do best to get you there? These are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself to pin down the perfect car for you. Do you want lots of horsepower, torque, and the ability to reach top speeds on the interstates? Or, would you rather a safe country road driver, fully loaded with everything that makes you feel secure and protected? Or, how about all of the above? Highlighting your requirements is the first, and probably most important step, to choosing a great daily ride.

What is Your Budget?

How much are you willing to spend on a new car for leisure and professional use? One rule of thumb is to go with an actual dealer, and skip making deals with friends, family members, or strangers in single sales. Good car dealers will work with you on a budget. And you are more likely to snag a better car, because good dealers strive to get their automobiles checked out on the lot.

Test Drive What You Like but Make Practical Decisions

Before ever making a buying decision for a new vehicle, take it for a test drive. Even if it’s been used before, it’s still new to you—which means you need to settle out any issues before you take it off the lot. Sure, you might love speed and a bunch of safety features, but you should also listen to the engine, feel the smoothness of the ride overall, and pay attention to all of the issues that could become prevalent during a test drive.

At the end of your car buying experience, it all comes down to reviews, decisions, and making your final pick. You might not like driving on a regular basis, or at all, but there is a certain satisfaction that comes with buying a reliable car that gets you safely from point a to b. And, if it happens that your dream car, like a Mercedes 190 SL, matches all of your business and pleasure criteria—then call it an added perk.

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