How To Convert RSS Feeds to Javascript

Do you want to have a list of your previous posts? I know that you can have it using the built-in archives widget in Blogger, or you can also use your feeds. But do you want something that looks like the one in the right? Then follow this tutorial. 🙂

1. Go to this site.
2. Enter your RSS feed URL. If you are not sure what your URL is… use (for blogspot accounts only). Replace “site” with your site’s name.
3. Edit anything from the showing of channels, to the target windows of of the links.
4. Preview it.
5. If you like what you see, generate the Javascript.
6. You’re done! Just place the code in your layout! 🙂

How to make it scroll?
1. Go to your dashboard > layout > edit html.
2. Put this code under any of the existing CSS codes.

#postscroll {
overflow: auto;
display: block;
overflow-x: no;
overflow-y: scroll;
height: 200px;

3. Save template.
4. Then go to page elements.
5. Edit the page element that you just made (the one that contains the RSS Feed javascript.
6. Put this code at the very beginning of the javacript.

<div id=”postscroll” align=”left”>

7. Then put this this code at the very end of the javascript.


This is how it looked like on my page element…

8. Save changes and your done! 🙂


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