How Most Filipinos Are Slaves to Employment

Just want to share to you an e-mail I got from work which somehow waked me up. Read on and tell me if this is true or not. Honestly, I think it is, but not all the time. In my case, I want to make sure that this does not happen to me. Anyways, I hope this helps us realize something…


It really bugs me down to think that MOST FILIPINOS ARE EITHER POOR OR MIDDLE CLASS BECAUSE THEY LACK THE VALUES AND THE EDUCATION. I’ve been through employment for many years. I was the type of employee who followed my boss and didn’t really have problem with authority. I would laugh at the “ugly boss jokes” but I didn’t really show any resistance to authority. I was practical, and I knew life was not permanent in the corporate world. So why the heck would I waste my time with the petty exchange of rumors and those little parties and after-work dinners with colleagues. Maintaining relationships pre-requisite to promotion was never my priority. I knew I would soon quit.

Because I chose to be behind the limelight, I had the advantage of observing what’s going on around. Here are some of the traits I find common in the workplace:

1) CRAB MENTALITY – In the corporate world, the bosses are always considered the evil ones. The idea of leadership is distorted that the subordinates follow the boss only because they don’t have a choice (they don’t want to lose their job) and not because they really have high regards for the leader and what they’re doing. At the workplace, it’s like a jungle where competition is stiff and the common thinking is that “resources & opportunities are limited”. This “scarcity mentality” leaves the workers no choice but to pull whoever’s on top so they can get a portion of the ‘gold’.

2) PAYCHECK GOES TO GIMMICKS – This is most especially common in workplaces where young employees would build their own “barkadas”, gather those whom they think are of similar interests to them. They would ‘plan’ trips to El Nido, Boracay or Palawan . And once in a while, visit the bars and clubs for the “good times”. Not wanting to feel left out, most of the “barkada” members would say yes despite the pending expenses at home & in the family. Since habits develop through time, these people are not aware how dangerous it is for their financial future to not handle their finances well today & not allocate their income to worthy purposes.

3) ADDICTION TO SECURITY – Employees live in a world where there’s life during paydays, and soon they’re back in the state of being broke. These are usually the people who are fooled into thinking that Savings, Insurance, Mutual funds can grow & multiply their money tremendously. They’re mislead by the wrong information from the wrong sources. Robert Kiyosaki in his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” referred to these people as the Rat Racers. It means, day in and day out, they spend their paychecks for their present lifestyle instead of building assets necessary to have passive income, & eventually financial freedom. They’re chasing something yet just keep moving in circles. And unless they educate themselves now, it would be really hard to escape.

4) GOALS ARE UNCLEAR or DREAMS ARE GIVEN UP – This is showcased by those who have been employed for many years that they have no options left for their future. They just stop dreaming, wait for the next robotic day at the office, and laugh at another colleague’s dreams. They know in themselves that they could never have time to pursue their passion or whatever it is they’ve written in their kiddie dreams list.

It is funny to think that ALL these traits mentioned above are the complete opposite of what can be found in the business world: (1) Businesspeople build each other & leverage on each other’s success; (2) They are knowledgeable & skilled in handling their financial statements; (3) They take calculated risks by getting themselves educated; and (4) they definitely make their dreams and other people’s dreams a huge reality.

Yet given opportunities for growth, most employees would still stick to their 8-hour regular dayjob. It may be out of fear of the unknown, or simply ignorance to the vast amount of opportunities present around. This is really scary because if there’s one thing that has been constantly proven in history, it’s that – NOBODY GETS WEALTHY & SUCCESSFUL BY LIVING IN FEAR & IGNORANCE.

Again, I did not write this and have no intention to claim it as my own.

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