How Did I End Up Like This?

When I was in high school, I was always the small, skinniest one in the classroom, and I was proud of it because I can wear anything and would look good on it, from those tight shirts, skirts, skinny jeans, to those hip-hop baggy pants, as long as I match it up with a tight sleeveless top. But lately, I’m totally convinced that I gained a lot of weight. No need the numbers to prove it. By mere looking at the pictures, I’m certain that I really gained weight. I’m positive that it’s not because of my pregnancy, because after Julie’s birth, I was still slim. Take a look of my before-and-after pictures!

BEFORE (after Julie’s birth – I’m the one in stripes):

AFTER (I’m the one in the middle):

I’m really guessing that this is because of my eating habit. I feel like I need crash diet and some slimming pills which I might be able to get using some of those vitacost coupons my friend has, but I’m too afraid of the side effects…. Sob. And my hubby hates it when I feel conscious about it. Well if that’s the case, I’ll just eat my heart out and if I get to the point that I’m 300lbs, let’s see if my hubby would still get mad at me when I say, “I feel fat.”

4 Replies to “How Did I End Up Like This?”

  1. Well.. this is the first time for everything isnt it?!
    Chit chit.. Diet. Wow. haha.
    Ahh.. those were the days at MOA.

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