Home Pest Control: Keep Rodents at Bay

No one wants to share their home with rodents. No matter how cute they may look, these pests can carry diseases that put you and your family at risk. The good news is there are several things you can do yourself to keep rodents out of your home. If you currently have a pest problem, you will need to seek the help of pest control La Plata MD to deal with the issue. Once the pests have been removed, implement the following tips to keep rodents from returning.

Prevent Rodents from Entering

If you’re serious about keeping pests of all types out of your home, you’re going to have to locate and seal any holes and cracks, which make the perfect entry way for rodents. Even tiny holes where you think a mouse couldn’t fit through is a possible entryway and must be dealt with. While you should examine all areas of your home for holes and cracks, the best places to start looking are near the eaves, soffits and foundation. Seal any crack or hole you find with caulking, sheet metal, plaster, or cement.

Keep your Home Clean

A clean home goes a long way to keeping rodents from setting up their own residence in your house. When you regularly clean your home, such as vacuuming and sweeping, you’re removing any potential food source, such as crumbs, that may entice a wide array of pests, such as rodents and insects. With that said, a clean home won’t completely stop pests and you must use this tip in conjunction with other pest control tricks.

Properly Store Food

Along with regularly cleanings of your home, you will need to keep any and all foods up and stored properly. Improperly stored food is essentially inviting rodents to come on in and have a feast. Always keep food in metal or plastic containers, which prevents rodents from gaining access to it. The same goes for pet food, which typically comes in easy-for-mice-to-tear bags. An airtight container not only keeps pet food safe from pests, but it also keeps it fresher for longer.

Tend to the Outdoors

Did you know that your outdoor environment may be attracting rodents to your home? When your lawn is overgrown with grass and weeds, you’re providing rodents with an ideal hiding place. And once they’re in your yard, it’s only a matter of time before they make their way indoors. By simply keeping your lawn and yard mowed and well-maintained, you will greatly reduce the chance of rodents in your home.

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