Heat Exhaustion

During the warmer months, the elderly and the young are susceptible to many physical problems caused by overheating indoors; although, the physical problems experienced are worse in the sun. Heat exhaustion can occur indoors and outdoors. There are a few symptoms and signs of heat exhaustion. For example, pale skin, profuse sweating, rapid heartbeat, muscle cramps, nausea, dizziness, dark-colored urine, confusion, fainting and headache. These signs and symptoms can occur after prolonged heat exposure and becoming dehydrated.

Staying hydrated and seeking relief from the heat is essential to recover from heat exhaustion. It is wise to seek climatisation Anjou and air conditioning repair Montreal in the instance an air conditioner stops working properly. Heat exhaustion may result in heat stroke if it is not promptly taken care of. Heat stoke can result in brain damage and damage of other organs. Another form of heat exhaustion involves salt depletion. The signs of a salt depletion may be dizziness, muscle cramps and vomiting. Some sports drinks are beneficial for replacing salt in the body.

While recovering from heat exhaustion, do not drink alcohol or caffeine, wear light clothing, take a cool shower and utilize any other methods for cooling the body. It is wise not to do any activity while recovering from heat exhaustion. Lying down with feet propped up above the heart is best. Avoid heat exhaustion in the future by wearing lightweight clothing and staying hydrated. Also, avoid extreme heat for prolonged periods of time.

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