Having a Child Proof Home

“Child-proofing” your home is very essential when you have kids, especially toddlers who are fond of running around the house, jumping up and down on the couch, or climbing tables and chairs. Personally, I’m dreading this moment, that’s why I want to be ready and child-proof my home.

I was watching Sweet Life yesterday and they gave out some pointers on how to child-proof your home. I’m going summarize them here and place my own tips as well.

Living Room:
1. Flower vases and other decorations that are on top of a table must be removed, especially the once that are easily shaken and knocked over. Place them in a safe place where the toddler cannot reach, like a closet or a cabinet.

2. Electricity outlets that are not being used should be covered with plastic insulators which can be found in almost any hardware stores.

3. Electric cords must be tied together and avoid having them lay around the floor. You can also use cord shortener which can also be found in hardware stores.

4. Lock doors and block off stairways. You might get too busy talking to your friends over the phone and not realizing that your little one is already near the stairs… (Yikes!)

5. Close all lids and any small holes that your kid might place their fingers into.

6. Although plants are decorative and gives the wanted ambiance in your living room, I advice to take them all out. You don’t want your toddler knocking them off would you? Take out all those hanging plants too.

7. Make sure everything is shake-proof. Use those non-skid mats. It helps!

Kitchen and Dining Room:
1. Cleaning agents, detergents, OUT! Place them all in a locked box or a cabinet. Make sure they are locked out.

2. Knives, spoons, and fork, and anything sharp should be kept out of the child’s reach.

3. Keep the handles of pots and pans turned toward the wall, away from the edge of a stove where a child could reach.

4. Tuck away plastic bags, these may cause suffocation to the young ones.

5. Install child-proof latches.

1. Lock medicine cabinets because toddlers improve their climbing skills day by day.

2. Cover the bathtub water spout with a store-bought cover. Create your own with of a flexible rubber hosing: slit it part way down the middle to get it on, and secure it with ring clamps or nylon line.

3.For those who owns a bathtub, lay down a rubber non-slip mat or non-slip stickers on the floor of the tub. For optimum sticking strength, clean the tub surface thoroughly beforehand.

There you go! These are just some of the tips on child-proofing your home sweet home. Comment here if you want to add some more! 🙂

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