To all the proud moms out there, bloggers or non-bloggers, I want to extend my voice using this blog to greet you all a happy mother’s day.

This is my FIRST mother’s day. Although I am not expecting any greeting from my beloved baby Julie, I know that deep inside her, she’s happy and proud that I’m her mom (wow, I’m being too self-confident eh? LOL!). Well, let’s just say that I’ll make her proud of me for becoming her mommy. ^_^

By the way, about the baby that I’m carrying now, I’m not particularly sure if the baby’s a he or a she yet. Somehow I’m really excited yet scared at the same time… Why scared? Cause my parents still do not know that I am pregnant. My mom is quite a bit suspicious though. She asked me back then if I was pregnant, because she told me that I’m starting to bloat up or something. Unsure of my feelings towards the issue, I blurted out a faint “no”. My heart was racing back then, and is still is whenever I remember that. I can’t seem to get hold of myself when it comes to my parents.

My mother… One of the most important people in my life. Though I hated her when I was still single and a teenager (who doesn’t? LOL!), I love her more now, through thick and thin. I know very well that I will not be able to stand straight if I lose her. ;'(


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  1. Hello, Maricel! Happy belated Mother’s Day to you! I do hope things are getting better over there. I often come here but unfortunately seldom leave comments.. I’m sorry for the hurry up time! I hope by now you have already told your mom about your coming baby. I’m sure that she’ll be all happy with that, even if at the first moment she gets worried. There’s nothing like a new life, and she knows that for sure. Hang on there, take a deep breath and say the words!
    Have a good weekend, kisses,

  2. happy mother’s day!
    i believe that your daughter is happy and proud for having you as her mom 🙂

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