Got Bored and Took Photos

I’m having a terrible day today so I went to our little home garden and just took photos of the flowers. There were Santan and Bougainvillea (I’m not sure if I’m right though…), and there were also fake plastic plants as well, which I took photos of them too.

It eased me A LITTLE and I enjoyed taking the photos as well… I also like the outcome of the pictures and hope you like them too! Please bear with me as I’m not a professional photographer, so any criticisms are welcomed, but please be subtle about it.

These are just thumbnails. Just click them to view them! ^_^

Please leave some comments… Would love to hear them! ^_^

2 Replies to “Got Bored and Took Photos”

  1. i usually stay there when i was single whenever i have problems, it helps sooths me…

    now that i have a baby… i can’t leave her inside the house with no one to attend her…

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