Google Update

It seems that THE ALMIGHTY G made an update on Page Rank, and as expected I still got a 0 page rank icon_cry1. I couldn’t blame anyone not even myself since I’ve been so busy and stressed out with work, I don’t have spare time to continuously update my blog, but I’m actually happy to keep this one not only as a source of income, but as a stress reliever. In here, I vent, I share, I cry, I laugh, I love, and I hate. So even though it’s a big thing to gain a teeny-itsy-bitsy little green bar on top of my browser (thanks Google Toolbar! icon_cute ), I know it’s still better to somehow ignore it and keep on blogging! Hmmm… Or better yet, I’ll deactivate the toolbar for the meantime and just keep on blogging! icon_cheering

Update: I “unchecked” the Google Toolbar in my Firefox browser.

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