Good Luck To Me!

panel interview

I was literally digging through my clothes a while ago and was looking for something formal that I would wear later. I had few long sleeve shirts and slacks that I used during college years and thank God some of them still fit perfectly. I chose a shirt and a pair of slacks and hung them up ready to be worn later.

Why? Coz I got an initial interview later for QA (Quality Analyst) position!

I applied almost a year ago, and finally, the company was in need of QA’s and I had my qualifying exam just last week. Yesterday, I got an email from the head of QA department stating that I passed the exam and would move on to the initial interview.

Honestly, not only am I nervous which is normal, but scared at the same time… Scared that I might screw up the interview and not be able to get the position. I guess I just need to calm myself and think of positive outcome…

Wish me luck guys! I’m praying hard right now and I’m also hoping that lady luck will be by my side as well.


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