Good Dental Health Offers Many Benefits


Everyone knows the benefits of brushing, flossing, and regular checkups. Dental health is important for a number of reasons, but crooked, missing, or chipped teeth can have an impact on speech and eating.

Speech and the Teeth

Although most people do not think about it, the tongue and the teeth along with the lips, vocal cords, and jaw allow you to pronounce words. When teeth are not aligned properly, this can cause speech impediments. Missing teeth can cause problems as well.

Some sounds are impossible to pronounce when teeth are missing or not aligned properly. Airflow between the teeth helps to make certain sounds. When there are gaps, the airflow is disturbed. An inability to speak properly can affect various aspects of your life from your career to making friends.


In addition to the health and speech problems caused by missing or broken teeth, confidence suffers. If your teeth are straight and white, you have confidence and smile more often. A lack of self-confidence can often be attributed to less than perfect teeth.

This affects every aspect of your life from work to social interactions. Confidence is essential in the workplace. This is particularly true for those who have to interact with a large number of people or the public at work.


Teeth play another important role. Chewing your food helps you to get the nutrients you need before it is digested. Food that is partially chewed can cause digestive issues and choking is a risk. Missing teeth or ones that are not in proper alignment can also cause headaches and problems with the jawbone. This is why dental services such as Park Slope Dentistry offer dentists Brooklyn.

It is not necessary to suffer from health or other problems with the many advances in dentistry. There were not a lot of choices in the past when it came to repairing teeth. Although they could be straightened by wearing braces, this depended on the health of the teeth. Pulling bad teeth and replacing them with dentures is still an option. However, before either of these repairs were available, people just had to deal with missing teeth.

Dentistry has certainly come a long way from the days when teeth were pulled by the local doctor or barber. Pain management was not an option. Sometimes a small amount of cocaine was used to help, but for the most part, people just dealt with the pain.

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