The bad thing about having rest days is that I tend to eat more than what I need and what I want. I gorge myself with foods that I normally am unable to eat during work days due to time restraint, from pizza to pasta, street food, dirty ice cream, fish balls, etc. once I know I have the money, I’ll definitely grab a bite of these tasteful treats. But just a while ago, my friend told me to watch for my health, and make sure that I detoxify once in a while, so I took the liberty of surfing online about detoxification and found some colon cleanse reviews that may actually help me along my gluttony. 😛 I found out that there are supplements that can help me clean my colon and the link that I’ve just provided actually showcases different product reviews ranking from 1 to 10. I guess with these reviews, I’d know what to buy for my own good. But now, I’m off to buying chicken macaroni soup from our neighbor! 😛 Sue me! LOL! CIAO!

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