Getting Some “Me” Time

As a mother, it is quite natural that most of the time that I have at my disposal is not for myself. Most will be for the kids, not to mention part of that should also be given to my hubby. They all want my time and it seems that I am having quite a hard time getting an appointment with my own self. Not that I am complaining but we all have to live a balanced life, right?

Most people are complaining that they lack the time and needed more than 24 hours in a day so to maximize the waking time they will sleep so late till almost dawn trying to work, work, work, not realizing that the fact that lacking sleep shortens one’s life span. A mother without any time left for herself will ultimately drain her because there is no time to rejuvinate herself by taking some time off to play. Moms are people too! So allow us to play once in a while! If we spend more time on it then maybe you will realize what your life will become when we’re gone. I play mostly on FB so I can still multitask with my work but I’d like to check on the new bingo sites too which I can play for free!

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