I was closer to the guys in school compared to the girls, for the reason that I’m more comfortable with them. Why? Well the list starts here:

1. Guys don’t bother about fashion that much unlike girls (and from my college, fashion was IN DEMAND). They just put on some loose t-shirt and a pair of jeans, and rubber shoes. Me? Almost the same outfit. The only difference is that I don’t wear rubber shoes, I wear flip flops.

2. I could talk gross stuffs around guys. Girls look at me wearily and would shout out a big long “EEEEEEWWWWWW!”

3. Guys eat a lot! Girls are into diet. So whenever it was lunch break, I usually sit with the guys, at least I don’t look like I’m eating a lot when I’m with them.

4. Guys are less intimidating compared to girls. Some girls tend to become bitchy around other girls, while guys become softer around girls.

5. And of course, my favorite reason of all… GAMES! Guys are more into games than girls. I know that there maybe some girls who play games, but what I’m referring to are gamers with a capital G, those who cannot sleep without playing for at least an hour a day, those who play hardcore games and not those cheap and boring games, those who swore their life into the gaming world.

Yes… I would admit that I was once a hardcore gamer. Someone who cannot sleep without playing for at least an hour or two, but I never let it interfere with my studies.

I gave that up when I became a mom. It was hard for me that I even cried when I started to realize that I cannot stay in front of the computer for long hours anymore, now that I have a baby that demands attention every now and then. There was this one time when I was playing DotA, a game which requires at least an hour of no distraction, when suddenly my baby started crying and was demanding to be cuddled and fed. So I stood up from my laptop, made a bottle of milk and carried her. I was hoping that I could still play using one hand (the other hand was carrying the baby). But not long enough, I realized that I couldn’t control my character anymore… My teammates were so frustrated and angry as well. I apologized and told them that I was carrying my baby in one of my arms. Then one of my teammates told me… “Ate, hindi ka na bagay maglaro, mag-alaga ka nalang!” (English: “You do not fit the gaming world anymore, just stay out and take care of your baby!”) It struck me, struck me real hard. That was the time when I cried so hard and decided to stop playing RTS (real-time strategy) games. There was still hope for me… I decided to switch back to MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), but the problem is, it gets boring in the long run. So I decided to completely stop when I learned about making money online.

But the problem is… My husband is also a hardcore gamer just like the old me. Whenever I see him play games, I get jealous but I just kept silent. But not long ago, the saying “old habits die hard” is starting to sink onto me. I started playing World of Warcraft, an MMORPG, based on the famous Warcraft. Although I still am urging for those RTS games but I know that those are the types of games that someone with my responsibilities don’t suit anymore. Since my husband has been playing regularly, I asked him to teach me the basics of the game and somehow, I’m starting to grasp them bit by bit, and now, I think I’m starting to get addicted to the game…

Just a while ago, I played for 2 hours with my husband beside me. But of course, I think this old habit will die again easily when hubby starts his training on Monday, March 3. Which means, no one will help me take care of the baby, thus yielding me less time in front of the laptop. Oh well…

Disclaimer on the guys vs. girls part of this post: It is from my own opinion only. It doesn’t mean that I hate girls or I’m a lesbian for that matter. It may seem generalized but I know that there are some girls like me as well. So please do not take that against me. 🙂

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