Gadgets Wish List

It’s a start of a new year (by the way… BELATED CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!) and I’m planning to update my gadgets!!! :grin:

Okay here are my hubby’s and my gadgets wish list:

TOP ONE : A desktop computer with at least 3GB of memory, 256mb video card, Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz processor, 250GB of hard drive space, and some accessories like maybe built-in bluetooth, and wireless networking card :!:.


NUMBER TWO : A touch screen cell phone (Iphone can be good but it’s too expensive)… Not sure which model I want yet, and honestly, I need help badly with this!!! :???:

NUMBER THREE : Flash memory, or an external hard drive for saving files like games, movies, etc…

Hmm… actually, these are the only gadgets that we are longing for, but honestly, I really want a touchscreen cellphone, you ask why? My answer… “I don’t really know.” :smile:

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