Last Saturday, I met up with my college friends and had our simple yet fun Christmas party! I seriously missed them so much! I first went to Bhav’s house and we both went to Greenbelt 3 to Sentro, but since we were early (reservation was at 7) and hungry, we ate a few bites at McDonald’s. After that, we went straight to Sentro, and saw Marian, Cesca, Patch and Howard. We took pictures and talked about what’s hot and what’s not. Then Chris, Ziggy, Don and Pau followed. We ate while we chatted non-stop. After that, we went to Red Mango so that Chris can have his yogurt. Then we went to Cafe Breton for dessert. Well, I ain’t too good with words so here are the pictures! Grabbed them from Bhav’s Facebook. Thanks SiS! ^_^

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