Yay! It’s Friday once again and it means that it’s time for Banchetto later! It’s a weekly food bazaar in Ortigas usually held during Friday nights until Saturday mornings, which usually caters call center employees like me. They have different choices of food from shawarma, shanghai rolls, Chinese lumpia, etc… But what I like most are the grilled foods that the owner of the stalls grill on the spot, however I would honestly say that they do not use healthy grilling method, they use the traditional grilling over hot charcoal and some of the parts are burnt, which I believe can cause cancer, but maybe once in a while won’t hurt right? =PThe usual food that I buy is the rice meals, and it will depend on what my appetite is craving for. But you know what? I’m actually craving for fruits! Healthy living eh? LOL! But seriously, these past few days I always buy a big slice of watermelon every after shift, and last Tuesday shift, I brought a piece of pear and munch on it while attending to customers – don’t worry, I’m on a chat account. Hehe! Although right now, I want to eat a big slice of cantaloupe, but I don’t think it’s in season, since I don’t see any on market… *sob* oh well, I guess I’ll just stick to watermelon then! How about you? Did you have your serving of fruit today? Let’s get healthy! YAY~~

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