From Stuffed Toy to a 65 Million Year Old Predator

My hubby hates Barney. Instead of “Barney the Dinosaur” he refers to him as “Barney the Gaynosaur” which I find annoying though. He loves to watch shows that features prehistoric and ancient civilization, that includes the history of earth and the universe. So if he’s the one watching the TV, it’s always in either History, Discovery or National Geographic Channel and if there’s nothing to watch on those channels, he turns to Discovery Turbo where it’s all about cars and other toys for big boys.

But when Julie gets a hold of the TV remote and switches the channel to Disney or Playhouse Disney, poor hubby, can’t do a thing especially when she wants to turn on the DVD and watch Barney/ She LOVES barney so much that she could stay in front of the TV all day watching Barney like the other kids. She even hugs her Barney stuffed toy while watching the show. But lately, she started to show interest with real dinosaurs, specially Barney’s prehistoric ancestor, Tyrannosaurus Rex. Then my hubby started buying her some textbooks about different types of dinosaur. She even started to watch the same channels that her dad is watching which kinda favors my hubby. *Sigh* Now how am i suppose to watch TV?!

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