From Flab to Fab…..

An old friend visited me today. He is one of my classmates in high school and the last time that I saw him, he was so fat, in fact back in high school we use to call him Yokusuna. But now, I hardly even recognized him. If he was Yokusuna back in high school, now hes like Batista lol. He told me that after high school he started to control his diet. With the help of some exercise and what he refers as the best weight loss supplements in the world hehehe he was able to achieve his weight goal after a year. Wow kudos for him!!

3 Replies to “From Flab to Fab…..”

  1. Nice story, well people change a lot. There are some people who were popular before, but then turns out they became nobody afterwards. Others maybe so silent and you may not know they are existing, but in the future they may be the talk of the town. So much for that, I enjoy the article.

  2. wish I can still lose some weight…Sis, it seems that added you in my 7 blogs long time agao…let me know if you can still add my links here…thanks a lot..appreciate it..

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