Friday Is Cooking Day

Every Friday morning (it’s my day off), I make sure that I cook some food for the family. Last Friday I cooked my mom’s signature dish bean sprout Ukoy, it’s a Filipino food wherein bean sprouts or togue is mixed with batter, shrimp, and spring onion, and then fried to look like a patty. It’s really yummy especially with vinegar.
Anyways, today, I made Lumpiang Togue, or Bean Sprout Roll. Here are the ingredients:

2 blocks of Tofu

1 pc carrot, 1 pc cabbage
1/2 kilo bean sprout
Of course, wrapper (here’s my helper – Lhyn)

Okay, it’s actually really easy:
First, julliene the carrot…
then shred the cabbage (forgot to take a picture of that)
and don’t forget to wash the bean sprouts! ^_^

Next is to cook them!
After that, just wrap the filling using the wrapper and here is the result:
And of course the sauce? Use the remaining sauce when you stir fried the veggies, and add in slurry (flour with water) to thicken the sauce and add sugar to sweeten it:
Or fry the roll:
Don’t forget the vinegar with sliced onion and sliced chili.

There you go! ^_^

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  1. We also sell this kind of lumpia in our bakery, but we add crushed peanuts, i think for a sweeter taste. 🙂

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