Flyer Distribution

When I was still working in a direct selling company, I always encourage our dealers to do flyer printing because distribution of flyers is the easiest cold calling technique that our company have found to be effective and to track recruits from every dealer. So, to give them an idea on how their flyers should look like (standard), I do a free layout for them.

So far, all dealers especially who are very serious in expanding their businesses, have found my advice effective and easy on the pocket. Spending a few hundred pesos for some thousand pieces of flyers and getting more profit in return was enough for them to believe that flyer distribution do work!

Flyer distribution is the most economical way of advertising your business or product especially in the area where your establishment exists. The method might be short range when it comes to scope of reach but most often than not, I believe it is still effective. My experience from two branches of different culture is already a proof that it works almost everywhere. The return of investment is greater than what everyone would expect!!

How about you guys? Do you have an experience to show that flyer distribution is still effective in businesses and in your area?? If so, can you share them with me? If not, how come? Please share.

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