Flirting – Hollywood Style!

Remember those Hollywood pick-up lines like “You had me at hello…” “You complete me…” and “Hey, my buddy told me that you wanted to make out with me….”? Well if the girl is a complete Hollywood film fanatic, saying some pick-up lines like those may melt her heart away, but not all the time does these lines work… They may work on movies but not entirely in real life.

Okay, maybe you’re too scared to use those lines in real life – who wouldn’t be? Unless of course your confidence level is sky-rocketing high, you would probably want to try Extreme Style by VO5’s Ultimate Flirting Championship? Wherein you will be in this virtual date and you could use those Hollywood pick-up lines to flirt with someone… Hehehe!

Of course for us ladies, we all want to have a Victory Hair during our dates (with hubby, bf, or just some guy you pick up on the streets LOL!). We would like to show off our crowning glory and stun our men with their jaws dropped. But for some – like me, who would rather have a quite dinner with their hubbies, I think a virtual dating / flirting game won’t hurt… You can even call your hubby to join in!

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