Five Reasons to Avoid Soft Water

Simply put, water softener is bad for just about everyone and everything. “Hard” water is hardly unhealthy and even if it were, there are plenty of alternatives to avoiding the grime of remote water sources besides adding dangerous amounts of salt into your taps. The following are five reasons why soft water should never be allowed to enter your home:

You’ll be drinking half your salt!

The high sodium levels of softened water, when drank, are no different from the salts contained in your diet. The problem is that those who take the time to keep track of salt intake will be consuming far more than they think. Those trying to stay heart healthy ought to stay away from soft water.

Lead is more likely to enter water supply.

In older homes where lead piping is still commonplace, soft water can agitate the element off the pipes and bring it into the water supply. You don’t need anyone to tell you how bad it is to drink lead!

It can be detrimental to septic tank function.

Soft water can inhibit the ability of helpful bacteria to break down waste inside a septic tank. This leads to build up within the tank that’s difficult to detect until it’s too late. Since those out in rural areas are more likely to find a way to reduced the hardness of their water, this is something to especially consider.

Chloride is a killer.

One of two ingredients necessary for salt, chloride in your water can be deadly to plants and crops. Anyone who uses soft water for gardening is simply packing the dirt with this plant-killing element. If you’ve failed to see success despite an experienced green thumb, soft water could be the culprit.

Sodium brine waste is an environmental hazard.

Several counties within the United States of America have decided to ban sodium brine from entering their waste channels, as the run-off can kill grass and further surrounding vegetation. If you don’t want to contribute to a deteriorating natural environment, then it’s wise to avoid soft water.

Forget what you’ve heard regarding the corrosive affects of hardened water – it does not compare to the destructive force that is soft water. If you must rid your life of hard water, find an alternative. Your body and your environment will thank you for it.

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