Fitting to Old Clothes

Fashion is constantly changing but sometimes the trends get back in season. Some clothes that were hit in the80s are now back and sometimes as far as the 60s. Good thing some of the clothes before can still be used in neutral season like the urban clothes that I had. My only problem is that the clothes are still usable but the user could no longer fit-in!

Anyway, some of my clothes may show me some hope that I would be able to fit in with a little exercise while others are just waiting to be handed down to my daughter. LOL!!

How about you? Do you have problems fitting to all clothes like me?

One Reply to “Fitting to Old Clothes”

  1. hahahah! i so can relate to that. ever since i stopped working i’ve been gaining some weight. i’m having a hard time slipping on my jeans 🙁 😕

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