Finishing Tags

Whew!!! I was doing my usual “cleaning” of my tagboard, and found out that I have a lot of tags from different bloggers (by the way thanks to all of you! 😀 ) and a “hate” message. Oh well. There are just people who are jealous that’s why they want to make someone look bad. I don’t mind receiving hate messages but PUH-lease, it’s better to just shut up and mind your own business if you don’t have anything good to say. Keep it to yourself okay? (whoever you are).

Anyways, I got a lot of tags and I finished them all! I’m not sure if I did finish all of them but I assure that I did most of them. It was a bit tiring but all worth it! Thanks a lot for the tags =) I appreciate it so much, because that means that you guys remembered me even though I rarely blog anymore due to my work, don’t worry. I will still update my blog whenever I can, usually on my day-offs. =)

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