Find Lost Friends and Family Through Public Records

Public records refer to any type of record that is public knowledge. This can include court records, property records, divorces and marriages and birth or death records. Looking through that information is a simple way to learn more about people who went missing from your life.

Why Use Public Records?

Millions of people go missing around the world every day. While some suffer an unexpected death, others simply change jobs and move to a new town. Searching through those records can help you locate kids you went to school or camp with, former partners, people you worked with and anyone else you lost touch with over the years. Instead of searching through records from dozens of cities and states, you can access all the records with one simple and easy search.

What Can You Find?

You can search public records to find general information, criminal records and court records. General information lets you know where an individual lives and his or her birth date, whether the person is married and if the person is still alive. Looking through criminal records is an easy way to find out whether a new friend has a criminal record, is a registered sex offender or has any other crimes in his or her past. You can also gain access to court records to find property, marriage and birth records. Learn more today about how you can use court records when performing a background check or looking for a missing person.

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