Finally Fixed

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I was able to use my K800i cellphone. I just got it fixed yesterday right after work at St. Francis Square (there are a lot of stalls that offers cellphone repairs, you won’t miss it). I had my cellphone checked up weeks ago before we went to Baguio but it broke down and won’t turn on at all, so I had it re-examined when we came back, and the technicians told me that it will cost me Php500 for the repair, because it’s already the Flash IC that went kaput… So it took me like 3 weeks to get that money — I had to wait for my salary, and had to ask permission from my husband since we needed to budget our money well, and at last, we agreed to have the cellphone fixed.

It took almost 3 hours for a job well done, but after, the tech guys are charging me Php800 for the repair, I disagreed and told that them we already came to a Php500 deal for the repair, so the tech guy did not have any choice but to say yes with the Php 500 price (hey they priced that for me at first, so they can’t just charge me higher amount after!), and also, I told them I already had Php 500 with me. LOL!

So now, I got my cellphone fixed for Php 500, hopefully, this will last long, they gave me 1 week warranty for the repair, which, honestly I feel like it’s not enough… Oh well. I guess I have to live with it since I bought this on second hand. :mrgreen: Now off to taking pictures! YAY!!! :grin:

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