Finally Bought Those Baby Walkers!

My husband, baby Julie, and I went to SM Manila a while ago to get her a baby walker. Both me and my husband were excited when we got to SM Department store. We headed to the infants section of the store and canvassed on the baby walkers that were displayed. There were small ones, big ones, wide ones, cute ones, you name it… But there was this one that caught both our eyes…

It’s not the typical pink-ie, girly color but it’s more of the look and feel that caught our attention. You might wonder why we got the blue and yellow one when there was a pink one. Well to tell you the truth, we were looking for a unisex one, so if ever our next baby will be a boy (we want another one, BUT NOT RIGHT NOW!) then he will still have something to use. It may be a hand-me-down from her sister, but at least it’s still going to be in good condition. Cost cutting is the key to success LOL!

Anyways, back to the walker topic. We also like it because you can convert it into a baby’s rocking chair just by simply adjusting the support of the walker. (Forgot to take a picture of it. I’ll edit this post later with the picture ^_^) One more feature is that it can be used as her dining area as well! Now talk about multi-purpose! So it’s like buying 3 things in 1 payment! A 3-in-1 baby walker! ^_^

As for the price, well I guess we got a good bargain… Php1,800. I guess that’s okay, since Php1,000 came from my dad! 😛

So after buying the baby walkers, we went to Pizza Hut and gorge ourselves on our favorite food! Pizza and pasta! Yummy! ^_^

After that, we took a stroll around the mall and went home.

I guess that’s about it! ^_^

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