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Finally A Decent Pair of Sandals…

May 23, 2010

After almost 2 months of ranting and complaining, I finally decided to go out with hubby a while ago. I think he’s also kinda fed up with my rant about wanting to get a new pair of sandals. LOL. Honestly, I’m not really the type of person who’s into fashion or what and everyone who knows me can attest to that, but as a girl, I still have this innate “girly” thing when it comes to fashion, but I’m proud to say that I ain’t that kind of a girl who NEEDS to buy new stuff every other day, and besides, I REALLY do need a new pair of sandals, since my recent pair’s straps are nearing their end…

Anyways, we went to Isettan and my hubby was helping me pick the most suitable pair. At first we were looking at the Rusty Lopez aisle and I liked one of the designs, and was already planning to buy it, but I decided to look at other brands as well for more choices. It was actually my hubby who was showing me different designs which he thinks would fit me well (and he’s usually 90% right when it comes to clothes or shoes that would suit me — as a girl, I’m a fashion epic fail). 😀 After almost an hour of being indecisive of which pair to choose, I finally decided on this:

I know it’s not a high class pair of sandals but I’m contented and satisfied with it. Again, I’m not a die-hard, fashion fanatic. I’m just a simple girl who needs to wear a pair of sandals to work. :yes:

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