Filipino Blog of the Week Contest (Week 120)

Filipino Blog of the Week Contest (Week 120)

I won 2nd place for Week 119, and I’m nominated again for Week 120! ^_^ Please help me get to the top this time. A vote everyday is all I need, and you will be getting a backlink from me. ^_^ You know the drill. =)

I will be posting here the people who will vote for me from August 3 – August 9. Here goes:

August 3
Tammy said… I just voted for you and you are tied for first!
Rosemarie said… congrats i’ve voted you again
Yesha: ohayo!!!left a comment,ec dropped and voted again :)muaaahhh
Pinay Mommy: dropped by and voted!!
cel’s: hi mommy Maricel..thanks for visiting my blog..and im here to vote for u again..have a great day.
neneng: passing by here…thanks for adding me and i just added u in my list and voted u too.
Ann: tks for the visit! congratulations! will vote again! pls add my other URL to your blog roll! muah!
twerlyn: hopped,dropped EC and voted.
nanaybelen: ok. no problem I’ll vote you up again
nursing notes: voted you. happy sunday
arjaeuse: voted u….
cecile: sure you can count on m e :-)
*-~Rai~-*: hi i vote for yah!!! :)
Eds: voted for u ! :)
ericka: hi ill vote for u now
aeirin: voted for you sis
marky: WOW! congrats mom! voted for you again!
KCee: just voted! Happy Sunday! :)
Automotive Clip: vote 4 u, happy weekend…
emcee: voted po and hopped here,see u around :)
Pinay Mommy: voted for you too!!
Suganthi: hi, voted for you..have a great day
myzie: Congrats! You’ll always got my vote.
momeen: voted :D

August 4
cecile2: just want to say happy sunday :-0 , voted for you today !
jhelea: hi sis done voting for you
lizzie: hi! tnx 4 d visit… voting u now… :)
vicy: Voted for ya sis at 41

August 5
binx: voted! :)
jhelea: hi sis…voted for you already
Pinay Mommy: voted!!

August 6
Pinay Mommy: was here to vote for you!!

August 7
cie: voted for u sis ♥♥♥
Pinay Mommy: voted!!
jhelea: hi sis…here again and voted for you
eunice: hello! Greeting! Just voted for u! u r second! power up! :D

August 8
Pinay Mommy: visited and voted!!

August 9
Rosemarie: voted for you for blog of the week
Mira: Dropped and voted.
jhelea: hi sis done voting for you

I will be updating this post every now and then. This is a way of saying thank you for doing me a little favor of voting me. By the way, the voting form is found at the right sidebar. Please don’t forget to vote for me everyday alright? ^_^

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