Filipino Blog of the Week Contest (123)

Nominated for the 8th time in a row! He. He. He. This will not stop eh? =)

Here are my voters for the Filipino Blog of the Week Contest (123)!

eunice: ok voted!:D
may: hi cel done voting na;-)
Rosemarie: voted you
Blogger Store: Rolling n voted u… c u
arjaeuse: hello.. voted u up again.. thanks :) and Hopping
jhelea: hi sis was here…done voting for you….love the new look of your blog

Pinayh: I mean voting heheehe!
praning5254: hi! I’ll vote for you…
jenn: voted:)
lisgol: dropping by here and voted you as well..
lara: thanks for the visit. Just voted you.
jhelea: voted for you sis
Made me Glad: done voting you mommy..have a nice day
lizzie: hi! voted u! have a great day!:)
cherryfe: voted here, take care!
~EDS~: voted for u sis! ;)
phoebe: hi mommy mars..voted for u na po..daan k din po sa at bomoto
Ness: vote for u sis ;)
ritz: hi! dropped by & casted my vote to ur blog
Pinayh: I mean voting heheehe!

leomar: voted for u too… cheers!
pchi: boto! hope you’re doing great mommy cel!
pinaymama: voted u mommy!!!! good luck!


NiCs: voted for you!:)

jhelea: voted for you mars and dropped my ec
Pinay Mommy: voted here!
leomar: voted for u too


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