Filipino Blog of the Week Contest (122)

Nominated for the 7th time in a row! Hope I get all of your votes! 🙂

I’m using an overflow html code so that it won’t eat up a lot of space on my blog. ^_^

Here are my voters for the Filipino Blog of the Week Contest (122)!

 cel25’s said… voted for u too..have a nice day!!
Paula said… Voted for you again. 🙂
 Pinay Mommy: as always mommy…voted for you.
 cecile: hello dear, voted for you, goodluck! drop EC, also!
emcee: hi,casted my vote today:) Tess: Hi cel will vote for you:) pls. cast your vote too on “Czech REpublic Trip” click here to vote THanks a lot
nanaybelen: added you noon pa. voted
jenny: been here.. voted for you too.. ill add you on my blogroll.. ty for the visit
momeen: just vote 4u :)

lara: was here voting for you…
gles: thanks for the visit, voted for you!
cecile2: thanks for coming to my blog; i voted for you also today and will add your new blog, too!
praning5254: Dropping by..I voted for you and grab one of your badges…
kiscy: i done adding u and i vote already thnx
woman: I’m done voting
emjei: hello..voted for you..
pchi: hi mommy!! voted for you na…
soms: casted my vote:):)

Pinay Mommy: came here to vote mommy!
Gina: voted for you!!yehey..
lizzie: good morning! voted u and will add also your other site… ciao! :)
~EDS~: dropped and voted for u too :)
marky: VOTED! Hello! Visiting your blog today!! See yah! :)
bonz: dropped and voted you! have a nice day!

jhelea: hi mars…voted for you
happythoughtshappytot.comHi, voted for you today!

Pinay Mommy: dropped and voted!!
mommy elvz: was here to vote and drop too :)
 phoebe: voted for u as well mommy..good luck to us:)

Pinay Mommy: i came and i voted!
mommy elvz: voted and dropped here too

jhelea: hi sis voted for you



So don’t forget to vote for me everyday okay? =) Voting form is located at the right sidebar of this blog. ^_^

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