Few Days Before Christmas

I could have mentioned specifically how many days it is before Christmas, however since there are different time zones around the world, it’s much better to just say “few days” before Christmas, and I know that most of you and your families have already planned for this holiday, some will just stay in their houses and just have a simple Noche Buena, while others had already bought tickets for an out of town / country vacation for Christmas, like my mom, whose going to our hometown Zamboanga on the 23rd, so it’s really sad that my mom will not be with us during Christmas, and I believe my mom bought her tickets few months ago. I bet she was looking into travel deals and made sure that she got the best deal for her flight to Zamboanga. I would certainly pray for her safety, and I hope my readers would do too.The sad thing is that I may not be able to be with my family as well this Christmas since call center agents are required to work during holidays. It kinda sucks to feel that I am already here in Manila, and yet I am still not able to be with my parents for Christmas…

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