Few Activities Today

Whew! Just came home from doing grocery with my hubby. We bought stocks for our mini sari-sari store and also bought food for my dad and Julie. It’s been a while since I last had an official grocery and I just came to realize how important those bar codes were in a business like a department store, wonder if they were using Symbol LS2208… 😆 Anyways, we also bought some goodies like Chamyto, Jellyace, for Julie, chocolates, and Fit & Right for me, and bacon for my hubby (a bacon-addict).

We also ate at Hap Chan restaurant just few blocks away from our house for a quick lunch, which we kind of considered as a date. Then bought Spaghetti for Julie’s lunch. I also bought Tikoy for my officemates which I will be distributing later (though I only bought like 9 boxes, man, they’re heavy!). Advance sorry to my other officemates that I can’t give tikoy to later… budget. But we’ll see. 😆 Oh well, I’m too tire now to type and I’m gonna sleep. Have a shift later 10PM. Byers!

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